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Icon Processor is a must-have utility for every design enthusiast
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19 January 2012

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We all have seen icons representing big brands or companies that provide a unique market value to a specific product or service or simply become a sign of recognition. Tiny little symbols and graphics form the part of icons that are created to establish a clear position in the market and add to the fun element of being recognized amidst the crowd of overflowing brands and products. Sometimes, icons are made simply to adorn the desktops and applications wherein users try to work around to have pretty little cursors and tiny symbols signifying an important file saved or games and music stored up. Icon Processor 3.0 is a utility that can be utilized to create such fun icons for professional usage or simply to have fun converting all file names into small icons.

Icon Processor 3.0 opens with a compact and neatly arranged interface with the main options placed across the screen that provides the choices for icon sizes and fonts along with the color and hue depth along with its destination on the system. It can convert photos and images into nifty icons and can be easily utilized to decorate the desktop or make a professional signature to an application or work file you created. The program can work easily with images in different formats like BMP, WMF, JPEG and GIF etc. even desktop cursors; besides extracting the icon files from system folders and libraries. The interesting wizard style interface easily enables the user to follow a four step procedure to convert image into an icon by drag and drop feature and other tools that can easily help in creating by size, color and effects.

To conclude, Icon Processor comes across as more like a fun application that having much professional utility value and hence scores a rating of three points for its common premise and simple functions.

Publisher's description

Icon Processor is a tiny utility for converting photos or images into nifty icons. Anyone who loves doing things with their own hands will find it a valuable addition to their design software kit. Such icons can be used to add a more personal touch to your Windows desktop or give a professional look to your own software product. With Icon Processor, you can convert images that come in different formats, including BMP, JPEG, GIF, WMF and desktop cursors. Added to all this is the additional ability to extract icon files from folders and libraries.
The program has a wizard-style interface that will quickly walk you through all four stages of converting your image into an icon. You start by specifying an image file or an entire image folder to process. Selecting images is a breeze. You can drag and drop them on the program`s interface or add them through the mini-browser with a preview window. Then you need to customize the output settings for your icon. These include icon size, color depth, destination folder and transparency effect. Once you are through these stages, the program will automatically process the file based on your requirements and save it to the specified folder.
Icon Processor
Icon Processor
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